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Welcome to My Studio

19 Mar

Where an artist creates art can be as important as what art is made. At least, to the artist. After all, your surroundings affect why and what you create, either with constraints or influences.

For me, I live in my mom’s basement. It’s a good way to save on rent while in between stages of my life, and I got the whole basement, more or less, to myself! Unfortunately, it’s also unfinished, partly storage, and where I have all of my stuff – including computer, xbox, art studio, and a tarped off area for my bedroom. Man, I am glamorous.

20170312_211248(An unfinished basement with a messy desk covered in various buckets and two lamps; in the background, a stand filled with various art items.)

So, let me list the pros and cons of my studio:


  1. Fairly large
  2. Can get dirty – no carpet or walls to destroy!
  3. A blank canvas if I was to actually clean and rearrange
  4. Private space – don’t need to explain to people what I’m making
  5. No roommates
  6. All my stuff is close at hand
  7. Bed is right there omg naps
  8. Unfinished ceilings have a lot of places to hang drying items



  2. No money or point to buy much organisation stuff (hopefully moving in a year or so)
  3. Worst light
  4. No socializing, unless digital or dragged in
  5. Messy
  6. Not too much floor space (THANK U BOXES)
  7. Sink & bathroom is upstairs


I am quite happy with my space, despite all of its cons and constraints. You see, I have lived most of my art school in an apartment shared with others, and then spent a year in a dorm. Neither had much space, nor would it be good to destroy things with splashes of paint and my general klutziness. School had studios, but I didn’t get my own space until third year – my last year before I switched degrees and schools entirely.

So, I am trying to make the best of what I can. One of these months I’m going to splurge on a light set-up to get better pictures and to work in something closer to perfect light. I also am working on cleaning up and organising, finding ways to keep useful items close at hand while not overcrowding; I rely a lot on dollar store items to help me with this, to some success. I’m also going through boxes and getting rid of things, which will help greatly in the amount of clutter and possibly the amount of money in my hot little hands. I like my studio, and I want to take full advantage of it until I have to leave and possibly have only maybe a small corner of room.

Cleaning this when I move will be fun…